A Residential Spiritual Community

Taraloka's resident community consists of around ten women, living and working here in the white house.  While each of us has our own path and history,  it's fair to say that we are all here out of a deep desire to contribute to this project, and to live and practise as part of a Buddhist spiritual community.   All community members are either ordained or have asked for ordination into the Triratna Buddhist Order.  

None of us own Taraloka, (which is a registered charity), but we consider ourselves as its resident guardians.  Taraloka belongs to everyone who comes to Taraloka now, to women of the past and to women of the future.

The community shares the full-time work involved in running the retreat centre.  Tasks include maintenance, administration, cooking and cleaning, as well as running retreats as retreat leaders or organisers.  The community receives 'support' rather than a wage.  Basic financial needs like food and rent are taken care of, with a little extra for spending and travel.   No one is here for the money!