I have been involved for over 30 years and Ordained in 2003. My name means ‘Radiance from the deepest level of consciousness’. I first got involved in Brighton working with other practitioners in the Buddhist Centre and an Evolution shop -it  was here that the strong friendships with both Mandarava and Sinhacandra were forged. It has been a delight to be supporting these retreats with them both for many years now. I have found the use of myth and stories to be really a really powerful way in to our depths - but also with much joy and laughter. I love them!

After Ordination I felt the pull to experience a quieter more reflective life and moved to the West Country. Quite soon after moving I and my husband set up a group in Bridport- this has been running for about 14 yrs and it has been a very great privilege to share my practice with others. I also support the Exeter Sangha so plenty of opportunity for collective practice amidst my quieter life. I am passionate about the Dharma being inclusive - not separating practice from our everyday, ordinary life, whatever is going on! For practice, conditions are always good enough.