I first encountered Triratna at Croydon Buddhist Centre in my teens, where I learnt to meditate.  It was following a rather rough patch in my life and despite keeping up a daily meditation practice it took me a while to be ready to fully embrace all Three Jewels. Over the years I have been part of several Sanghas, groups and centres as I’ve moved about the country as an Occupational Therapist. Prior to moving to Taraloka in 2022 I was part of the lovely Sheffield Sangha and it holds an important place in my heart. 

I have loved working with and caring for older people but my desire to serve the Order and movement, and for good conditions to integrate Buddhist practice into all areas of life grew too strong. When I saw the advert for a role at Taraloka I couldn’t not apply! It was a huge change and feels like perhaps the best decision I have made in my life.

Helping care for Taraloka lets me combine my deep love of hills, bogs and nature with my love of practice, service, ritual and devotion.  I feel exceptionally happy and lucky to be here alongside such committed and inspired women Dharma practitioners. It's a real privilege to be able to help to create conditions that support women to meet, practice and spread the Dharma.