I ( Beate at that point in time) arrived at Taraloka in October 2021 going forth from my life in Bristol where I lived and worked for over 30 years and where I found the 3 jewels, became a mitra and trained for ordination. In April 2022 I went to Akashavana in Spain to be ordained and returned three months later as Chandranishta.

My name means 'she who is devoted to the moon of the Bodhicitta' and also links me to my yiddam, Kuan Yin, the female form of the Bodhisattva of compassion. I got a taste of an intensely loving, liberated, faithful and creative way of being on the ordination retreat and going beyond my conditioning and habits. I wish to give myself more and more to this new being and we will see how this is going to unfold here at Taraloka, in the order and beyond.

In the spirit of ‘after the ecstasy the laundry’, I have taken on the role as housekeeper for the time being as part of the team who takes care of the retreats and retreat centre.

I love connecting with people from all walks of life and enjoy walking, wild swimming, dancing, comedy and the realm of myth and symbols.