I first became involved with Buddhism in 2004.  My life had fallen apart, and a strong sense that I needed to do something different drew me through the door of the Sheffield Buddhist Centre.  The great adventure of the Buddhist path has been unfolding ever since, through many twists and turns, but always in the direction of greater connectedness and love.

In 2022, I was lucky enough to spend a few months volunteering at Taraloka.  I knew then that if a longer-term opportunity arose, I would take it - and now I'm delighted to be here in the role of housekeeper.  Living and working at Taraloka feels like a beautiful challenge, one that uses the whole of me in a way that no other life or work situation has.

Organising on a retreat here last summer, I experienced very directly how the small practical acts of housekeeping (like all the practical tasks here) are like the outer walls of a mandala within which retreatants can unfold, change, grow - and return to their lives with more clarity and love.  Retreats change lives, in ways both straightforward and mysterious (I feel sure the landscape around Taraloka is changed by the collective practice which takes place here).  It's wonderful to be here, contributing to that process.