Danayutta grew up in a Buddhist family in Malaysia and encountered the Triratna Buddhist Community in 2007. She was ordained in 2016 and her name means "she who is bonded with generosity". She says, "My first encounter with Triratna was on a very large winter retreat in a draughty boarding school in Oxfordshire. There were over 100 people on retreat over Christmas and New Year, meditating together in a cold assembly hall, with the shrine in front of the school stage. Though it was totally outside of anything I had ever experienced before, there was that indefinable something that was true, authentic, infinitely attractive and inspiring.  


Since then, I've spent some years living in a Buddhist community and left my job in the City to work at the London Buddhist Centre, starting young people's groups and other projects there. I now work for FutureDharma Fund and live in East London, trying to figure out the koan of the sincere practice of Buddhist wisdom and compassion in the modern world.  I've been leading retreats for over 10 years and think that retreats are an essential part of any serious practitioner's life."