As a retreat leader, I've both attended and led many Total Immersion retreats at Taraloka, Buddhafield and Dhanakosa. I love to weave myth and nature into the Dharma. My interests are in working with the body, the heart, and the imagination in playful and experimental ways, and I hope to bring some of this passion to the retreats that I lead.  For many years now I've had a deep love of meditation, and intensive meditation retreats but it wasn't always that way!  I first came on retreat to Taraloka in 1991, and I chose a work retreat as the thought of lots of meditation was far too daunting.  My favourite retreats involve nature, silence, meditating outdoors and poetry.

Before arriving here, I spent just short of 20 years working for windhorse:evolution, a Buddhist giftware business. I gained a huge amount from my time there, especially from working alongside a wide range of very committed and inspiring people. I was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order in 1999.

After I left windhorse:evolution I spent two years living nomadically; helping to run and support retreats, working with Buddhafield, and also volunteering at Taraloka. I asked to join the Taraloka community because cooperative work and communal living are things that I value deeply, so I'm delighted to now be part of such a great team. I feel strongly for the importance of a retreat centre run by women for women. It is a quite unique situation, and something that I am keen in my role as Chair - and also retreat leader - to help support and develop.