The seed of the Dharma was sown for me in the late 80's early 90's at Glasgow Buddhist Centre. It took many years for that seed to come into bloom as i was a young mother! 

By 2012 I was now ready and I was thirsty to find that little piece in my life that had been missing. After travelling and living in many countries searching for freedom/something I wasn't sure what!? But as I walked back to Gbc and instantly knew I would find it there. The three jewels quickly became central in my life.

The first retreat I went on was a Brama Vihara retreat at Taraloka which opened my heart wide and had such a powerful impact on my life!  I moved from Glasgow to North Wales 5 days before lockdown to be with family. Family are also a very important part of my life. Through zoom I was able to connect with Llangollen, Shrewsbury, Chester and Glasgow which was great. But Llangollen soon became the main centre for me and I was ordained from there in 2022 I went to Tiratanaloka to be ordained and there I became Moksanita (she who is guided by freedom).