My name's Sahajatara and I've been involved with Triratna for about 27 years . I live in Brighton with my 15 year old who has Aspergers. I am a writer and photographer, and very much a believer in The Religion of Art.

My practice is Green Tara and I'm also partial to the Five Buddha Mandala. I would say my approach to the Dharma is very much concerned with 'embodying our Perfect Vision' -treasuring our moments of Vision and Insight , and allowing those to inform our actions and the thoughts we choose.

That said, Im very much someone who still has to work hard on their mental states and am familiar and used to working with the shadow of depression, overcoming  addiction , despair about the world  etc.

It matters to me that the Dharma is big enough to hold all the different parts of us and be the cauldron of transformation that one day will become our Grail.