My name is Vandanasuri, which means she who is a heroine of Praise and Worship. I am originally from Australia but got involved in Buddhism through the London Buddhist Centre in 2016, and was ordained at Akashavana in 2023.

I live in London and work as a transpersonal psychotherapist which helps me to embody my Dharma practice with clients through my work. I am a faith type and have a strong connection to the transcendental, connecting me with the world of Buddha’s and Bodhisattva’s and love ritual, mantra and devotional practices.

I appreciate Bhante’s translation of the Dharma especially the importance to create deep spiritual friendships and connections on the path. Taraloka has a very special place in my heart as Green Tara is my practice, her fearlessness, compassion and desire to alleviate suffering is aconstant inspiration.