Current COVID-19 Precautions

Updated on 6 January 2022.  Please read all the information carefully BEFORE booking your retreat.  

If you book a retreat we take that as your consent to abide by these procedures.

Before booking:

There is always going to be a level of Covid-19 risk when mixing with others, so the first thing is to check if you feel able and ready to come on retreat, bearing in mind the well-being of yourself and others.


If you are coming by public transport: 

Please arrange to have someone available who can come and pick you up if you become unwell during the retreat.  Do not book if this is not possible for you.  It is illegal to travel on public transport with a positive lateral flow test, unless you are on your way to have a PCR test.


Lateral flow tests:

Please take a lateral flow test three days before your retreat start date, and before leaving on the day you travel to Taraloka.   If the test is positive, do not travel but let us know you are unable to attend, and remain at home and self-isolate. 

We will ask you to take a lateral flow test daily throughout the retreat, so please bring a supply with you.   Lateral flow tests are available free of charge.  You can order them online or in England collect them at pharmacies. Taraloka does not supply LFTs. 


Getting here:  

Please arrive by car rather than public transport if this is possible for you.  To minimise risk we would ask you to strictly follow Government guidelines around travel at that time.


COVID-19 precautions for days 1 & 2 of your retreat / weekend retreats:

Ventilation:  Good ventilation has been shown to be very important in minimising the risk of C-19 transmission.  Therefore please bring plenty of warm layers with you as the windows may be open even if the temperatures are cool outside.

Social Distancing: We will be following social distancing guidelines. This means maintaining, wherever possible, a 1m+ distance between people inside or outside the retreat centre.  We are currently working to a maximum capacity of 20 people rather than Taraloka's usual capacity of 32.

Hand washing/sanitising: You will need to wash or sanitise your hands regularly throughout the day especially before making drinks and serving food. Hand sanitisers are placed throughout the retreat centre.

Face coverings:  To attend the retreat, for the first 2 days you need to wear a 3 - layer face-covering in communal areas within the retreat centre.  Unless you have an exemption, please do not book unless you are happy to comply with Taraloka's policy, which is based on our COVID-19 Risk Assessment.  

You may remove your face covering when eating or drinking, when seated in your place in the shrine room/ lounge, or in small group discussions where face coverings may be removed in order to facilitate pastoral discussion as long as 1+ / 2m social distancing is in place, and free ventilation via open windows is maintained.  Please bring face-coverings with you.  

Those leading the sessions on retreats will not wear a face covering while teaching, but they will ensure they are over 2m from the nearest person.

Shrine room:   All meditation places will be 1m+ apart, and windows will be open.  Once you are seated in your place you can remove your face covering.


After Day 2 (this only applies to retreats longer than a weekend)

On the second day of your retreat, if everyone's lateral flow test results are clear, we will then consider the retreat to be a 'bubble' and can stop wearing face coverings

If your result is positive you will need to return home immediately, take a PCR test and inform Taraloka of the results.

Ventilation, cleaning and social distancing precautions will be maintained.  


How will it work in different areas?    

Bedrooms:  For bookings from August 2021 onwards, bedrooms are shared, unless you have booked a single room by contacting the office.  At present we are suggesting 2 people sharing 4 bedded rooms to allow more space and ventilation, or 3 people in the larger Amitabha room.  The smaller double rooms are currently remaining as singles.

Toilets and basins:  These will be shared, with some loos and basins made unavailable to maintain social distancing in that space.  These areas will be well ventilated and regularly cleaned.

Showers:  Shower areas will be shared. They will be well ventilated and regularly cleaned.

Dining room:  All places will be at the maximum spacing possible and where possible with seating back-to-back or side-by-side.  Weather permitting, you are welcome to eat outside.


What else is different at present?

Bed linen:  Please bring your own bed linen – sheet, duvet cover and pillow cases.  Please also bring your own blanket if you think you will need one.

Communal work:  On retreats we live as a community and daily jobs of up to an hour a day are shared between everyone. At the moment we can’t guarantee to support women who are unable to join the communal work rota due to fewer retreatants and more C-19 related cleaning required.  Please contact the office if you're unable to participate but would like explore if you could come.   You will be allocated the same daily job for the duration of the retreat.


What if I become ill with COVID 19 symptoms on retreat?   

  • If you become ill with any Covid 19 symptoms, (including new headache or common cold symptoms such as sneezing, sore throat or runny nose as they are now also common COVID symptoms post-vaccination,) you must let the retreat team know immediately and self-isolate in your room. We will ask you to return home, take a PCR test, and let Taraloka know the results. If that test is positive we will contact Test and Trace and will be required to release everyone’s personal contact information to them. 
  • If you fall ill having travelled here on public transport you will need to travel home with your pre-arranged lift straight away.


Please get in touch with us and DO NOT ATTEND the retreat if at the time your retreat commences, you:  

  • Live in an area where Government lock-down restrictions are currently in place.   With ongoing uncertainty around overseas travel, Taraloka cannot currently recommend those outside the UK to book.  Hopefully this will change soon.


  • Have any COVID symptoms or have been in contact with anyone with COVID symptoms (a new headache, a new continuous cough, a high temperature and loss of or change in taste or smell) or a positive COVID test in the 10 days prior to the start of the retreat.



Precautions may be different to what is described here by the time your retreat comes around. The government guidance frequently changes, so we will be regularly updating this page.

Thank you and well done for getting through all this information!  We hope you are as excited as we are that Taraloka is opening to women once again and we are very much looking forward to co-creating a held and welcoming space with you in warmth and friendship.

With love,

The Taraloka Team

Prepared with regard to Welsh Government Guidance.

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