Give Time And Energy

Taraloka Needs You!

Give to all the women who come to Taraloka, and have a great time yourself!  Generations of women have volunteered at Taraloka since its beginnings in 1985. Giving time and energy to this place is joining a lineage of generosity that brought Taraloka into being and allows it to continue.  Be part of this project, and give something back. And it's fun!  

We would like to hear from people who have been to Taraloka, or are involved in Triratna in their local centre or retreat centre. You need to be in good physical and mental health to volunteer at Taraloka - but do ring up to discuss this if you have some limitations but still wish to volunteer.


Volunteering as a cook on retreat at Taraloka is a fantastic way to practise: there's the opportunity to work with your edges of generosity and service; as well as providing simple nutritious food to support women to go deeper on retreat.  It's quite different to coming on retreat "for yourself" so we recommend that you do that at another time.  All the recipes and full instructions are provided, and many women find cooking for retreats is a rewarding and enjoyable way to contribute.  Why not come and cook with a friend?  If you're interested in cooking on retreat please contact our Kitchen Manager Kathy Jarvis -


Since coming to live here, Suchitta has been building up a team of interested, enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteer gardeners.  Come for Gardening Weeks which are run a couple of times a year, or volunteer regularly if you are local.  If you're interested, please email Taraloka's office or call us on 01948 710646. 

Work Retreats

Painting and decorating; cleaning; landscape work - work retreats tackle them all!  You don't need any skills, just willingness to help.  However they are retreats for Triratna regulars only.  Work retreats are a great way to make Sangha friends, and to blur the boundaries between work and our spiritual practice.  And they can be unexpectedly transformative as retreat experiences. See the mythic in the mundane, and carry change over into your daily life!  On work retreats we follow a retreat programme, mixing periods of meditation, work and ritual throughout the day.  These retreats are by invitation only, but if you're interested, email Taraloka's office or call us on 01948 710646. 

Volunteering in the Community

If you have asked for ordination into the Triratna Buddhist Order, or if you are an Order Member, we offer 3 - 6 month volunteer posts within the Taraloka community.  Please get in touch if you are interested in these.  Unless you are from overseas and committed to Triratna, we generally do not offer any other form of volunteering within the community.