"I couldn't climb a mountain!"

Mahamani, who is part of the retreat team at Taraloka, writes: 

"I’ve been reflecting a lot lately the wrong views I hold about myself which both constrain and limit me as well as define how I relate to other people. If I am not sufficiently aware of them, they can really catch me out.


The forthcoming Pujas with Altitude fundraising challenge - climbing Wales' second highest mountain and performing three pujas en route - is a wonderful example of this. On hearing that Maitridevi, Maitrisiddhi and Natalia would be leading this in September as a fundraising event for Tiratanaloka Unlimited I was aware that I felt envious while simultaneously ruling myself out from taking part in it!


So, what was that about? I have a view of myself that I am not capable of walking up a mountain nearly 1,000 metres high and to attempt to do so with a group of (largely) unknown women (all of whom I assume are much fitter than me of course!) would be humiliating and embarrassing; I would be a hindrance rather than a support! And besides I am sure the team doesn't want me to do it anyway!! "


So, when I was invited to do Pujas with Altitude, I found myself in a dilemma:  wanting to do it and fearing that I wasn’t capable. As I was pondering all this, I remembered that just over a year ago, feeling unfit with rising blood pressure, I decided I would learn to run. I was 59 and had not run since school when I was often the last one to finish the enforced and much hated cross country runs that my PE teacher thought for some unfathomable reason were a good idea! 

Anyway, being a bit of a gadget girl, I downloaded the NHS Couch to 5K app, got myself some good running shoes and started the process of training myself to run. And 3 months later I found myself on a retreat here at Taraloka doing my last run on the app – a 30-minute non-stop run. 


And yes, it took training and practice and yes, it sometimes felt like a real challenge, one that was out of my comfort zone, but I stuck with it. I did it and my health is so much better! 

 And the same applies to me (or you?)  doing Pujas with Altitude, yes it will be a challenge, yes it will require training and yes, I (you?) will be out of my (your) comfort zone…but isn’t that what life - and practice - is all about?"


Could you climb a mountain with sangha and do three pujas along the way to raise money for Tiratanaloka Unlimited?    Find out more about 'Pujas with Altitude' - just a few places left.