ONLINE EVENT: Take the Ten-Day Meditation Challenge!

Friday, July 24, 2020 to Sunday, August 2, 2020
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Expand your mind!  Find ease and energy, feel more connected, become more fulfilled.  Live better, sleep better.  What’s to lose?  Meditation can be life-changing, and anyone can learn how to do it.  

Challenge yourself to meditate every day for 10 days, and see the effects on your life! 

Book on our ten–day online challenge!

(This event is charged, so no need to read the info about donations - it doesn't apply.)


What the course offers:

 Teaching, support and daily led meditations -   

Friday 24 July                              19.30 – 21.00                

Body, Breath, Mind: meet the team and meet meditation


Saturday 25 July                         10.00 – 11.30                

How Change Happens: Growing Your Mind


Sunday 26 – Friday 31               8.00 – 8.40

Open, Energise, Deepen.  Bite-size teaching and led meditation to start your day well.


Saturday 1 Aug                            10.00 – 11.30

Train Your Mind in How Not to Sweat the Small Stuff. 


Sunday 2 Aug                               10.00 – 11.30

Becoming a Happy, Healthy Human: Final Tips and What Next

Whoo hoo – you’ve completed the Ten-Day Meditation Challenge! 

Event Charge: 

Paying for your retreat

Taraloka runs on generosity.

To book a retreat you pay a booking fee.  This is the only charge made for coming on retreat. We want Taraloka retreats to be available to any woman, whatever her financial situation.

At the end of your retreat, you have the opportunity to give money towards Taraloka.  If you are able to donate, you are giving to another woman who otherwise could not afford to come on retreat.  And you are helping to give the gift of Taraloka to the women of the future.

Suggested donations

Our suggested donations (in addition to the booking fee) for 2019 are (waged/unwaged)

  • Weekend retreats (£140/£95)
  • Long Weekend (3 nights) (£165/£115)
  • 4 night retreats (£190/£120)
  • 5 night retreats (£235/£145)
  • Week retreats: (£325/£205)
  • 9 night retreats (£380/£250)
  • 12 night retreats (£445/£305)

There will be an opportunity to make your donation at the end of the retreat.  Donations can be made by credit/debit card, cheque or cash.

Those who cannot afford our suggested donations are free to contribute what they can. 

Running on generosity is radical – thank you for being part of that.

For more information see what does it cost and a flow of generosity