ONLINE - True Entrusting: Shinran, the Buddha and Bhante

Monday, February 22, 2021 to Sunday, February 28, 2021

‘The awakening of faith in Shin Buddhism is a moment of pure egolessness…. Faith of this kind is not faith in the current sense of the term, but the emotional counterpart of wisdom.’

 - Sangharakshita, A Survey of Buddhism

Can faith be a complete path to Awakening?  What happens in our heart-minds when we take devotion as the main orientation of our practice-lives?  With meditative mornings, study afternoons and devotional evenings, we’ll explore what Shinran, the Buddha and Bhante have to say to us around receptivity and devotion, failure and forgiveness, surrender and entrusting.


*Groups are now full but places are still available to participate in the rest of the retreat.  If you would like a group space if one becomes available please email the office to go on a waiting list.*

Suitable for Order Members and experienced mitras training for ordination who have completed 'The Mythic Context', 'Bodhisattva Path' and 'Transcendental Principle' retreats at Tiratanaloka.

Retreat starts at 10.30am on Mon 22 and closes at 5.30pm on Sun 28 February


Suggested donation: £175 waged / £60 unwaged

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