The Way to the Beyond: AOWE ONLINE

Thursday, June 3, 2021 to Sunday, June 6, 2021
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‘I will sing you the praises of the Way to the Beyond…’

What can we trust? What do we rely on?  Where is our heart-connection with the Dharma?  And when do we rely on the Buddha, and when on our own capacity to know and see?  Sixteen brahmins go to see the Buddha, and ask heartfelt questions that resonate with passion, intensity and an existential need to know.  And the Buddha’s responds with poetic clarity as he tries to express the inexpressible. 

Such an amazing, passionate and beautiful text – come and explore themes from the ‘Way to the Beyond’ chapter of the Sutta Nipata.  With presentations, personal talks, discussion groups, workshops, puja and meditation.

We hope to offer this event as a hybrid, both online and socially-distanced residential at Taraloka.  This page is for ONLINE bookings.    

Suggested donation: £120 waged / £50 unwaged

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