What is a Retreat?

A retreat is an opportunity to take time away from the busyness and pressures of our daily lives. We can live more simply, relax and quietly appreciate the beauty of our surroundings. 

There is time and space to look afresh at ourselves, our lives and our habitual ways of being. We can be more truly in touch with our deeper values and aspirations. We are with ourselves but also in the company of other women who have similarly chosen to come on retreat.

A retreat is not a holiday, but can be more deeply fulfilling and enjoyable than a holiday. Part of the sense of fulfilment comes from the challenge of experiencing ourselves and the world more deeply. 

Supported by the activities on the retreat, we may notice that our mind becomes clearer, stiller and more at ease, and that our heart can become open and responsive.  When we leave, we have changed somewhat, and can take something of these clearer, deeper ways of being back into our day-to-day lives.